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Everyone could use a little support! 

Neuro-diverse (with or without a diagnosed learning disability or IEP) and neuro-typical children alike have experienced benefits when working with Dr. Kara Paat. Many children that struggle or find specific subjects in school to be more challenging or difficult may run the risk of educational underachievement, often working very hard on a daily basis to keep up with their peers and complete the required school tasks. That's where Dr. Paat fits in. Her mission is to meet each child at their developmental starting point and facilitate specific neurological pathways, revealing the best version of themselves. Life tends to get a little easier making room for your child to have a lot more fun and way less frustration! Some children that work with Dr. Kara Paat do not seem to struggle with anything at all, they seek her assistance to enhance specific academic and physical skills.
Dr. Paat appreciates that every child is unique and therefore so is her approach. To determine if her approach seems like a perfect fit for your child and family, start with filling out the screening questionnaire. Upon review, Dr. Paat will schedule a phone consultation with you to discuss all of the specific traits that make your child unique and to determine if a fun yet very thorough evaluation is then warranted.

Many of the amazing children she has had the privilege of working with have experienced enhanced ability and less stress with the following:

  • Reading

  • Writing 

  • Spelling

  • Educational underachievement

  • Gross and fine motor skills

  • Dysgraphia

  • Bed wetting

  • Dyslexia

  • Attention/focus/concentration

  • Hyperactivity

  • Developmental coordination disorder

  • Clumsiness

  • Sensory overload 

  • Language processing

  • Autism 

My Approach

Developmental History, Evaluation
& Integration Program

Dr. Paat will review your child's early developmental history. Details related to the pregnancy and the birth process will be discussed. She will also inquire about behaviour and specific motor milestones within the child’s first year.  

If further evaluation is warranted she will then perform a very thorough non-invasive neuromotor functional evaluation, assessing the role of the vestibular system, coordination, balance, expression of primitive and postural reflexes, auditory, ocular function and other sensory inputs.

Dr. Paat will review and discuss the results of the evaluation, focusing on the developmental level of motor maturity and function and how it relates to optimal learning, cognition, motor, emotion and behavioural skills and development.

If appropriate Dr. Paat will determine a specific program for your child, which is designed to facilitate developmental neuromotor maturity. With continual parental communication and functional re-assessments along the way we may unlock your child's amazing potential!

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