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Unlock your child's potential

Happy loving family. Dad and his daughter playing outdoors. Daddy and child girl in an Sup

Your child has a limitless potential to thrive!

Dr. Paat's goal is to help your child be the best version of themselves by removing any developmental barriers that may inhibit or interfere with your child's everyday life experience. Your child's desire to learn and adapt to their surroundings can vary at times since so many factors can influence how they receive and perceive information. Likewise, these factors can affect responses to their environment, changing their social, academic and physical expression. Dr. Paat wants to help strengthen your child's neurological integrity so that your child can be the best version of themselves, allowing them to more efficiently take in all of the sensory input from their environment and to process an appropriate response to their experience rather than be at the mercy of their surroundings.  

Dr. Paat will help your child eliminate developmental obstacles, allowing your child to soar.

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