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Dr. Kara Paat, DC
Webster Certified

International Chiropractic Pediatric Association

Enhance the comfort & ease of your pregnancy & birth by optimizing nervous system & pelvic function

Webster technique is a specific assessment and diversified adjustment, utilized to enhance neuro-biomechanics in individuals. While Webster Certified chiropractors don’t actually turn breech babies, what they can do is gently and specifically adjust a mother’s pelvis reestablishing normal physiological function. With facilitating the restoration of proper balance, mobility and reduced restriction of ligaments and musculature in the pelvic region, it’s often observed that babies turn to the vertex position on their own after the Webster protocol.

Dr. Kara Paat DC 

Webster Certified since 2000

The Webster technique is recommended as a specific analysis and adjustment throughout pregnancy to enhance normal pelvic function in preparation for birth, focusing on improving sacral mobility while reducing muscle and ligament tension. It involves no external forces on the baby directly, and it is very comfortable and extremely safe.

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