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Functional Assessment

Dr. Paat will review your child's early developmental history. Details related to the pregnancy and the birth process will be discussed. She will also inquire about behaviour and specific motor milestones within the child’s first year.  

If further evaluation is warranted she will then perform a very thorough non-invasive neuromotor functional evaluation, assessing the role of the vestibular system, coordination, balance, expression of primitive and postural reflexes, auditory, ocular function and other sensory inputs.

Dr. Paat will review and discuss the results of the evaluation, focusing on the developmental level of motor maturity and function and how it relates to optimal learning, cognition, motor, emotion and behavioural skills and development.

If appropriate Dr. Paat will determine a specific program for your child, which is designed to facilitate developmental neuromotor maturity. With continual parental communication and functional re-assessments along the way we may unlock your child's amazing potential!

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